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Be sure your house looks its best when you show it to potential purchasers.

It’s an old saying, but true, that first impressions count. Look critically at the front of your house as you approach it, as if you were seeing it for the first time, (any dead leaves or old crisp packets?). A neat front garden, or well-swept forecourt is welcoming, and looks more impressive. Please show the number of your house clearly, and light the path after dark. And do check that your doorbell is working!

  • Welcome your purchasers
    – greet them as if you are really pleased to see them even though you have already given a guided tour to six other couples that evening and you want to curl up in front of the TV with a plate of food and a glass of wine. They have, after all, made the effort to come and see you and your house, in the dark and the rain and after a hard day at the office.
  • It is not necessary and possibly counter-productive, to redecorate your house from top to toe
    before offering it for sale – but do think about dealing with that bit of peeling wallpaper, sagging curtain rail, or wobbly floor-board. You have learned to live with it – your buyer won’t be able to concentrate on anything else! However, newly painted walls throughout will make him suspect you have something to hide!
  • If it is a dark day please have the lights on before your buyer arrives
    – with luck they won’t have realised you needed them. Soft music is fine, but no TV – your buyers will feel as if they are intruding.
  • Neat and tidy rooms look far larger than those that are full of clutter,
    so make your family tidy up constantly – unmade beds and dirty dishes in the kitchen are really unappealing.
  • Don’t rush your buyers, but don’t bore them with too many technical details
    if they don’t want them. Don’t give them the hard sell – they will wonder why you are so desperate.
  • On a positive note – the smell of fresh baking is so appetising,
    soft lights rather than a harsh overhead glare is such a turn-on, and fresh flowers never fail to please.
  • Pets
    – You love them to pieces, but your prospective purchaser may be scared of them
    or even have an allergy. Please assume the worst and keep them out of the way if you can.

Remember – be proud of your home and do not feel impelled to apologise for any shortcomings. Be enthusiastic and friendly towards your viewers, and leave them with the feeling that yours is a lovely home to live in.

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