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What does your solicitor actually do?

A broad outline of the service your solicitor provides is as follows:

For the seller

  • Obtain all the title deeds.
  • Prepare the sale contract which contains all the terms and conditions of the transaction.
  • Provide detailed information (excluding structural details) in response to enquiries made on behalf of the buyer (pre-contract enquiries).
  • Arrange for the preparation, approval and signing of all necessary property transfer documents.
  • Deal with all financial aspects of the sale – including mort gage redemption.
  • Liaise with all parties to co-ord inate the timing of the sale.

For the buyer

  • Check thoroughly the sale contract and amend where necessary.
  • Peruse and check all legal documents affecting the property (including the lease, if a leasehold property).
  • Investigate planning and other local matters concerning the property with the Local Authority.
  • Raise all relevant enquiries relating to the property, including any particular points specifically raised by the clients.
  • Advise on relevant points in the survey report and negotiate and ensure that any agreement concerning repairs etc. is covered in the contract.
  • Check through the mortgage offer and deal with the special conditions.
  • Deal with all financial aspects, including the mortgage. If relevant, deal with payment of the stamp duty.
  • Register ownership at HM Land Registry.
  • Lodge Deeds with the Lender and of course ensure that the clients are kept fully informed at all stages of the transaction.

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